Bringing his vocal and production talent to the forefront  Aaron  hit’s the scene and is known initially as the voice behind many other artists hooks. His career didn’t start , however, with singing he rapped under the name Lil Twist (based on his quick lyrical delivery) with AC Burna in a group called Flexed Out. His 2003 musical debut was when he joined the legendary Rider Boyz. Aaron’s musical talent to play piano, drum, saxophone, viola, and bass guitar started at an early age and developed through teaching his self to play by ear. From 2005 to present Aaron has perfected his craft in production with adding to his arsenal a master use of Protools and Reason production software; putting somewhat of a halt to his own solo projects. To date songs like Superwoman, Party Rockin, Walkout, and Brand New which features TC Da Outlaw and Thowd Mezzy have given Aaron’s fans a mere taste of what is to come. He is often spotlighted through his collaborations with various artists like Rich Boy, Dirrty Boy, TC Da Real A, Jackie Chain, and Translee to name a few. One of the most popular joints was the production of “Ladies in the House” for Jackie Chain in 2008 and “Digga” for Translee in 2012. Primarily known for his production and ability to provide a great hook, his R and B talents will soon surface with his album release titled “Something for the Ladies,” and the sultry remake of “Art of Noise,” featuring Miss B. Aaron’s versatility comes through on the song “Island Girl” from the new album which will showcase his often quiet ability to rap. The album will prove to break one of the most underrated produces into the limelight displaying the full potential of all his talents.