​Born July 27,th, 1989 in Sicklerville, New Jersey, Christin “BiGG PraTT” Kimbrough is the youngest of three children. BiGG PraTT attended Edgewood Junior High School in New Jersey until the eighth grade, when his family moved to Alabama. Pratt attended several High Schools in the state and found his home at Prattville High. BiGG PraTT tried out for the football team and ended up not only making the team but dominated.
“My Father is the main reason I played football. He loved the sport and it made him proud to see me excel at the game.”
​PraTT played all three years of his high school career at Prattville High School and graduated with his football career ending with only two losses. You can actually see him on MTV’s Two a Day’s in the last two episodes of the season. Not going to spoil the outcome, but PraTT does have a very nice ring.
After high school PraTT had his eyes set on playing football for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. He looked at junior colleges in the area and didn’t feel it felt right. PraTT then came to Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama with hopes of playing ball for the bulldogs. PraTT then found out that he would have to wait a year to play on the team due to eligibility requirements. This discouraged him a bit and soon PraTT found his focus was slowly shifting.
“I had to look at football as something I did and that part of my life is done. So I moved on to other things. I have always loved and had a passion for music, and I always knew I could sing. I sang in the church and was doing solos at the age of 5. I just never thought of it as being a career path.”
PraTT got into the music scene locally and found his niche. He also found he was good at free styling and eventually began to record.
PraTT’s musical influence covers all angels of hip-hop and R&B, as well as gospel and soul. Growing up BiGG PraTT listened to Al Green, Lenny Williams, 112, soulchild, John Ledged, The Roots, Talib Kwali, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z just to name a few.
“I’ve been told I have an old soul and I believe it and I feel it when I make music.”
BiGG PraTT first met friend “Dope” during his first few days at Alabama A&M. Bonding over music PraTT and Dope became close friends and began to pursue their dreams of making music. Dope began making beats and PraTT would Rap over them.  PraTT soon got into music scene and found he was right at home.
“We did it at first just for fun. Then we realized we were actually good at what we were doing and for me writing and getting things out vocally is very therapeutic.”
PraTT recorded for the first time at Normal Hills studio in Normal Hills Alabama. PraTT then took a copy of his recorded song to 100% Entertainment. After listening, 100% Entertainment told PraTT to come by the studio and check it out because they were interested in his talent and signing him to their label.
“I went home and prayed about it and thought about it and then decided to go and see what it was all about.”
​PraTT signed with 100% Entertainment and has been working on his musical grind ever since. His sound is rich and smooth with an old soul flare to it. His message is clear and deep
“I am trying to say that no matter what situation is going on you can make it out of anything as long a s you stay positive and have a goal you can truly do anything you want to do in life.”
With themes of hope through struggle, and determination with payoff, PraTT delivers a powerful mix of soul and street. PraTT has a Mix tape due out soon and will be featured on several tracks by 100% Entertainment.