Popular to many from his 2009 debut single “Boomerang”, CC Mista F.L.A. is a musical forced to be reckoned with. “Boomerang”,produced by Ben Frank immediately pushed Mista F.L.A. into acceptance by his listeners and served as a welcome to the industry. His initial mixtape “Choices and Consequences”was released in May of 2010, moving 4,000 units in one weekend at its release during the well known Black Bike event in Myrtle Beach, SC. The follow up mixtape  “Command and Conquer” hosted by DJ Yella Boy didn’t have the same success, leading fans to question whether or not Mista F.L.A. was a “one hit wonder.” Determined to provide another hit for his fans to vibe to Mista F.L.A. teamed up with TC Da Outlaw and released the single “Flaw” in early 2011 which surged a new energy in his career and was played in heavy rotation. 2011 would serve as the year of features with the hit single prompting various artists and producers to request Mista F.L.A. on their own tracks. The collaborations included, however were not limited to; JV the Joker, 6 Tre G, King South, M16, Killa, KD Mr. Midgrade, G-Side, Dynomite Kid, and the list goes on. Mist F.L.A. is known for his distinct ad libs, clearly showcased in the Lady Lace collaboration for the song “Wow.”After breaking away from his own projects to collaborate with other artist, Mista F.L.A. returns to his fans with the release of his latest mixtape “Champion vs. Contender” which was released in early 2012. Showing unprecedented results the mixtape confirmed he had been missed with 50,000 plus downloads at its release. Mista F.L.A. intends now to redefine who he is as an artist and bring something new to the table. The anticipated release of his upcoming project “Sextasy” is slated for spring 2013, providing a never before seen side of Mista F.L.A. and undoubtedly another fan favorite.