You won’t find a more well thought out musical career plan that that of Nate B. He introduces his talents with his fall 2009 mixtape The Kampaign hosted by DJ New Era, considered to be an opportunity to get his name out there turned into a following of listeners that have been on his trial ever since. After the Kampaign’s success Nate connected with DJ Infamous to produce his second mixtape the Debate which was released in the Spring of 2010. The project gave Nate a chance to put together something in response to what everyone was saying behind the release of his first mixtape, be it good bad or in different, hence the name Debate. The Debate gained a substantial momentum, so much so that both Fly Times of Mobile, AL and  Kreative Sole of Huntsville, AL boutiques came together to sponsor the project. In addition to the mixtape success the World Star Hip Hop premiere of his video for “Spell” sparked a lasting buzz. Taking a moment to focus on his college education he would release the  Recount in the Spring of 2011. This mix was centered around “jack tracks” but none the less still showcased his talents to effortlessly flow and hold the ear’s attention over music already presented in the industry. Closing out the political concept to his music Nate will  release the Election in early 2013 and from that point on it will be quite evident who fans are voting for. Current projects include new unheard tracks on the 100 Percent Entertainment Compilation Mixtape, the anticipated release of  the video “Digga” featuring Translee on World Star Hip Hop, and his newest mixtape titled “Cruise Control” featuring Eugenius.