“SupaKing Big P.O.P.E”
Prince Of Pushing Everything
Born April 24, 1984 in Huntsville Alabama Jonathan SupaKing Big P.O.P.E. Mitchell grew up in Northwood in the North side of town. SupaKing Big P.O.P.E. has one older sister with whom he is very close with as well as one younger sister.  Big P.O.P.E. attended Rolling Hills elementary school, Ed White Middle School and Butler High School. Growing up SupaKing was a little shy and had a strong passion for music and poetry.
He was around music all the time. His mother and sister were a big influence on him as well as his biggest supporters. SupaKing Big P.O.P.E.’s musical influences range form the Temptations, Tu Pac, Dianna Ross, Dr. Dre and many others. Big P.O.P.E was also very influenced by his Grandmother. P.O.P.E and his grandmother were extremely close.
“She was the backbone of the family. When she passed away everything changed. I changed”
After his grandmothers passing P.O.P.E had to grow up fast and help provide for his family.
“My mother struggled with addiction, my father wasn’t around and my sister had a child young so I was the only on who could provide and be the man of the house. So I had to do what I had to do. The trap was the game and that’s what put food on the table.”
P.O.P.E too had his ups and down’s. The trap life is not always as it appears. SupaKing’s trap days caught up with him. P.O.P.E served prison time for a lifestyle that was not correct in the eyes of the law.
“Doing time taught me a whole lot. I honestly don’t regret any of it. I was able for the first time in my life to focus on my goals and myself. I was able to realize that I can’t take care of everyone; I can only take care of myself then take on others. If I had not gone through what I have I wouldn’t be who I am today if I had not gone down the paths I did. I have developed a strong character and self respect and just an all around new view on the world and life.”
While serving his time, SupaKing Big P.O.P.E. was able to achieve some of his own personal goals. Big P.O.P.E now has his G.E.D, as well as his forklift operator certification. His character speaks for its self and just being around P.O.P.E. you can feel the positive energy and motivation of a new man.
SupaKing Big P.O.P.E. is not new to the music game at the age of 17; Big P.O.P.E. was jamming to some instrumentals with his friends and got the courage to spit for the first time in public.
“After my flow they all looked at me and was like ‘man, you’re fire!’ Since then its what I do”
P.O.P.E began rapping seriously after that and had some success with Slomotion in the 90s. He is now working with 100% Entertainment and ready for success! Poetry and writing being one of P.O.P.E’s past times in prison not only helped him get through hi sentence it also has now equipped him with stacks of hits!
Working with 100% Entertainment, SupaKing Big P.O.P.E. is releasing his first solo album titled Huntsville Times very soon as well as some hits on the 100% Entertainment’s compilation album due out February 5th, 2013.
“I grew up with Jamie we have a friendship of over 20 years and we have always had a bond, He’s my brother. He stuck by me through the good and the bad so I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. “
SupaKing Big P.O.P.E is ready to make moves and bring hits! His sound is a variety of club hits, trunk bangers, and blunt beats. All in all this is the total package filled with talent, passion, character and depth. If the lyrics don’t get you the beats will. Be on the look out for SupaKing Big P.O.P.E’s debut solo album Huntsville Times coming soon!