​Born June 12th 1987, Cedric “Throwd Meezy” Wherry grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. Dwelling in the north side of town, Throwd attended Davis Hills Middle School and J.O. Johnson High School. Throwd was an honor roll student and found school to be a breeze. With family support Throwd began playing basketball and was instantly a star player.
“I played freshman, JV, and Varsity basketball all my freshman year. It was a gift I got from my biological father I guess.”
Throwd played basketball from the age of four on. This was Throwd’s fist life passion. He got into basketball at a young age and played more seriously after school. His grandfather was his number one fan and attended every game.
​Throwd also a passion for music and developed this love while spending time at his grandparent’s house. Blues was in the house everyday along with jazz, and old soul.
“I try to incorporate that old soul sound in my music and mix it with modern beats.”
Having a strong love for music and math, Throwd found it easy to
write and make music.
“I was good at poetry and love writing it so I took some poems and turned them into songs and found that it worked. I love words and I love to write so it just comes naturally to me to write and rap.”
Throwd first started free styling in school during free time with friends. Musically influenced by everyone from Beethoven to Tu Pac, Throwd has talent beyond his years. He first started writing raps around the age of 16 with one of his close friends Tc Da Outlaw. Tc really got him into the music scene and helped him develop himself and his sound thus creating Throwd Meezy. The name Throwd came from his street days.
“My mom worked all day and then went to school all night, and school was easy for me, so I got into the streets and that’s how I got my name. Everyone always said I was the most throwd person they had ever seen, so it stuck.”
With his mother at work and school Throwd became very close to his grandfather and spent many days and nights with him. He learned a lot from his grandfather and cherishes his thoughts and opinions to this day. Throwd’s life was derailed the day his grandfather passed.
“ My life changed he took care of us, of me, he kept on me and was my world. He was my father figure and we spent every Sunday together going to the farmers market then fishing and then church. I cherish every Sunday I had with him.”
With his grandfathers passing Throwd did not give up on his dreams.
After high school Throwd spent a lot of time in the studios making music and hanging with T.C., whom Throwd Meezy claims taught him everything; Throwd would go with T.C. to the studio and watch how things went down. ​After hanging around and getting to know the studio flow Tc told Throwd it was time to get on the mic and show them what he could do.  Throwd declined not once but twice then finally gave in and wrote a verse to a beat. The verse was perfect with the beat and Tc knew it was time for Throwd to have a meeting with Bizz, the President of 100% Entertainment,
The next day he received a call from 100% Entertainment and has been recording with them ever since.
Throwd signed with 100% Entertainment about a year ago now and is working on several mixtapes and a solo album titled Stone Cold Throwd Often.
“I want people to get that I’m not your average rapper I’m different from the other Huntsville rappers, I’m an MC not just a rapper. I have deep lyrics and club hits so I give you an all around variety of sound.”
With Throwd’s intelligence submerged in his lyrical slyness, the intertwining of hip-hop beats and soulful sounds are sure to rock your brain! His music sends your mind on a rollercoaster ride of thoughts and emotions, all brought to you through the words and sounds of Huntsville’s very own Throwd Meezy.